Mentoring for coaching professionals

Blue paper with word mentor and glasses.You’ve completed your coach training. Now what?

Now comes the business of developing a business. The first and most important key to being a good and valuable coach to others is to continue to invest in yourself. To invest in your own growth and development. Professionally and personally.

Because, after all, how can you give what you haven’t got. The best coaches have coaches!

And it is important to find a coach who can mentor you in a way that resonates with your style. Here’s the approach I take and what you can expect when you choose to mentor with me:

•First and foremost you’ll have my unwavering support as you striving to become and remain the best coach you can be.

• You’ll have that support in the context of a safe, loving yet challenging environment so the your blocks can dissolve and your best can emerge!

• As a Shamanic practitioner and lifelong intuitive, I cannot mentor you without also showing you how to more deeply connect with your own, powerful intuitive skills. You’ll learn to trust your instincts in ways that will serve you and your clients beyond measure.

Mentor coaching is where you can:

• Hone your core competency skills and techniques
• Ethically discuss client challenges
• Fulfill ICF mentoring hours needed to acquire your PCC credential
• Remain accountable as you strive to achieve the goals you have for your practice.
Female College Student Working With Mentor

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