Unlock the Secret Power of Your Intuition CDUNLOCK THE SECRET POWER OF YOUR INTUITION CD

A guided visualization to discover the unique language of your intuition

Enjoy this guided journey to meet your intuition and discover the unique ways in which it has been trying to communicate with you!

You may be surprised at just how easy it is to begin using your intuition in everyday situations and the powerful impact it can have on the decisions you face, the choices you make and achieving goals in every area of your life.  And the more often you listen, the stronger your intuition becomes!

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This audio series takes you through your entire Chakra system, one zone at a time. Each audio includes information about how the chakra impacts your energy and life, a guided visualization to clear the featured zone and a coaching challenge to help you integrate everything you learn and experience in the audio.

Plus you’ll receive a full transcript of all 10 audios and an option for a free laser coaching session with me.

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Tara on YouTube

Enjoy an array of free video clips that include:
~ excerpts from on of my public presentation
~ Present Moments series; 2-minute tips to help you become more intuitive
~ Interviews and a surprise or two!

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7793headbraintalk_radio_logoBrainTalk on Blog Talk Radio

Brain Talk: Building the BRIDGE between Your Business and Your Intuition.

This series showcases business people who have knit the two together and achieved great success. Our goal is to help listeners understand that when your right and left brain work together, you become a powerhouse!  I co-created and co-host this show with Dawn Quesnel, CPCC, PCC.

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