The journey through this illness has taught me many things but what stands out right now is learning how to accept the unacceptable.

When I was first presented with the idea that radiation therapy should be part of my treatment, I stomped my feet and emphatically refused to consent to it.  Two months later, something shifted.  I agreed to meet with a radiation oncologist to gather more data and she said something that caused my intuition to send up a flare.  She said cancer could develop in my lymph nodes and I would have no symptoms and no test would reveal it until it was too far along.

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My intuitive guidance revved up and chimed in saying, “Listen to this Tara, it is important.”

All along, for whatever reason, I had no fear of recurrent breast cancer but in this moment I heard and felt something new.  So I followed my guidance and agreed to the radiation.  It begins next week.

The next task for me was to move my energy from, “this stuff is poison” to “this is a powerful piece of the healing process,” just like I did with chemotherapy.  Recognizing the need to make this shift once again, opened the way for me to see my personal process of accepting the unacceptable:

  • First I stomp my feet and declare, No Way!
  • Then my left, logical brain says, gather more data to back up that decision.
  • After sitting with the information and allowing every aspect of my being to absorb it, my heart is able to open and I become ready to make whatever energy shift is right and necessary for me to accept whatever I must go through.

This doesn’t always mean a 180 degree shift in a decision.  Sometimes my initial response remains my ultimate response.  But the process is the same, none the less.

Your process may be similar or it may be different.  That’s not important.  What is important is how you make room for the unacceptable in your life.

At some time we are all faced with unacceptable situations; chronic or terminal illness, death, catastrophic loss, the end of a long- term relationship or any number of other such unplanned, life-altering events. Each comes with its own pain, grief and, in the end, a need to find deeper acceptance.

Honoring your feelings, managing your energy and opening your heart are all tools that transform that pain into your empowerment and precisely what I’m teaching in my Intuition Consciousness Circle on Wednesday evening.  Because I know, all too well, that sometimes it is one step forward and two steps back.

If you’d like to learn some of the same skills I’ve been using throughout my healing journey and experience a power reclaiming guided visualization, please use this link to register and join me.