A New Year.

All the holiday family hub bub is over and like me, you look at the calendar and think now what? Something about the beginning of a new year encourages you to set resolutions, reach high and in many cases miss the mark.  It is a powerful pull for us all.

This year, I find myself being gentle about those resolutions.  The perennial lose 10 pounds and exercise has been replaced by be kind to myself, have fun and meditate daily. After a year of ravaging illness and struggle, I find the things that make me happy have shifted: the beauty of the sun beaming across my room, the silliness of my dog at play and the moments of stillness in my heart and mind.

Simple daily moments hold so much power when I am fully present. The idea that I need to attain this goal or that is a pleasant one but no longer holds the sway of guilt or remorse. After all, you and I are here for just a moment, no matter how long the moment may be– what is to be gained by holding yourself hostage to an external goal before you can feel happiness, joy or peace?

Girl Jumping In Paddy Field by sakhorn38

Photo by sakhorn38 via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Think about how often you delay feeling happy, enthusiastic or joyful waiting for the perfect circumstances such as that new job, new relationship or better health. As you wait for your circumstances to change, your life keeps moving along and time passes.

In my case, continuous painful neuropathy stopped me for much of the last year. I kept waiting to be completely well, (something I know will happen), before starting a new project.  I now realize I must move forward and let the pain be the background-not the foreground of my life.  I can be happy right now, despite all of this, because it is a personal choice, an internal decision.  In this spirit, making new plans for my business seems like fun again, not drudgery.  I feel inspired and am offering a free class later this month to share my inspiration.

So I ask you to consider this: what if you identify and focus on the feeling you want to have through this new year and then ask yourself what can you do to experience that feeling in your life today?

Perhaps it is laughing more often, being more fully present or taking time for something you enjoy doing. Get creative; there are a myriad of ways to experience happiness on the inside regardless of your outside circumstances.

Your ability to do this will  serve you every day of your life so try it right now. You will be glad you did.