This next Clair style I want to tell you about is clairaudience which means clear hearing. This is an intuitive communication style that literally speaks to you. Once you realize this is your intuition speaking (and not a condition that needs medication) how can you tune in and turn up the volume?

If your intuition uses this clair to communicate, you may hear an actual voice inside or outside your head. You might hear noises or sounds like buzzing or popping in your ears. You might spontaneously hear words, phrases or song lyrics that are signposts to address your challenges. Possibly you have a little inner voice that helps you make decisions. Perhaps you hear a song on the radio that seems to convey a message to you or have a random conversation with a stranger that is an answer to a prayer for guidance.

If this clair speaks to you, here’s some two exercises you can practice to access your Clairaudient skills:

1. Pair up with a friend who is open minded. Sit facing each other and decide who will get guidance first. Then take some deep breathes and hold each others hands. Ask the Universe, what would you like me to know about (person’s name)?

Begin speaking to your partner as soon as any message comes in. Don’t judge or censor what you hear. Even if they what you hear makes no sense to you, it may to your partner. Continue until you sense you are completed and then switch.

2. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and ask yourself any of the following questions: What changes can I make that will be most beneficial to me right now? What new opportunity will soon come into my life? What do I need to know about a particular person in my life?

After you ask each question, keep your eyes closed and listen intently. Listen for the first thing you hear, any words within your mind or just outside your ears. The words may or may not sound like your voice and will speak to you in the third person. When you get a response, write it down, even if it does not make sense now, it may in the future.

Set your intention to tune into this still inner voice every day and see what happens.