Albert Einstein on IntuitionRounding our way to the home stretch brings me to one last clair to share. This is one that everyone has experienced at one time or another, although it is the easiest one to discount. It is claircognizance which means clear knowing. This is the clair Einstein credited for his ideas and inspiration.

When this clair is at work ideas, thoughts or concepts – in their full blown glory pop into your mind. They just suddenly appear. You don’t see, hear or feel the information, you just know it – sort of like accessing information on your computer’s hard drive – this is instant information about people, places, things or ideas.

It can take many forms such as:

• Knowing how to or build fix something without instructions.
• Knowing what a person is about to say before they say it.
• Knowing facts about a situation or event for which you are unfamiliar.
• Getting a sudden insight into a complex situation that simplifies and clarifies it for everyone.
• Knowing something about a person you have just met.

It is easy to doubt this method of communication because it is unclear how to differentiate between your mind and this form of intuition. Here are 3 ways to tell the difference: true intuitive information is repetitive, consistent and positive.

This is a really useful clair to develop, as claircognizance makes you gifted at discerning information around people. Here is an exercise you can try.

Quiet your mind chatter by taking a few deep breathes. Close your eyes and choose one person to focus on. This can be a friend, family member, business associate or acquaintance that you wish to know more about. Thinking about that person, ask your intuition:

What would you like me to know about this person?

Is this person experiencing any challenges?

How can I best help this person?

Write down the answers you receive as you get them. This way, over time, you can verify your information. You do not need to know a person to use this technique. You can ask these same questions about a breaking news event and the people who are affected.

Your intuition is waiting to communicate with you right now. Learning to use this powerful partner is easier than you might think!