The journey of living is astounding. In one moment, you can be overcome and everything changes. It can be something wonderful, or something stressful. I was born blessed with an optimistic nature deeply believing things eventually work out.

The dilemma with my perspective? Whose timing is it: mine or the Divine? I had an agenda for what was supposed to happen. My life was not unfolding that way. My biggest challenge has been learning to accept where I am today, right now. I live with chronic pain as a companion, and I pay all of her bills. I’ve learned to accept the charges gracefully, and the more I do, the more my heart feels peace.

From this place, I had an epiphany. I suddenly had the desire, drive, and stamina to reach out to others. This is my miracle; it’s been a long time since I felt this way. I knew it was time to shift my focus from healing myself to healing others in similar situations.

I am here as a coach, a guide, a navigator for anyone suffering with chronic pain, be it physical or not. For example, for many, grief is a powerful, emotional chronic pain. You can be suffering spiritual chronic pain, like a dark night. Any chronic pain experience requires a strategy for living.

Only you know what you have to endure each day. The world can’t tell by looking at you because you look fine, perfectly “normal” yet you are suffering. I know you are ready to reclaim your power and your life. Let me help you along the way. I will meet you where you are and support whatever you need to go forward with strength and hope.

For now, try this experiment. Notice what you are telling yourself when you are in pain. Are there any thoughts of blame, anger, sadness or despair? Are you criticizing your body or believing you should feel differently? There is a dialogue going on there and believe me, you want to hear it. Pay attention to your themes and any pattern that emerges. Noticing this particular monologue opens the door to a journey of deep healing.