Have you ever thought something was lost only to discover it later? I’m not talking about car keys but skills, abilities and talents.

For example, I recently conducted a weekend training class for coaches. As I was driving to the hotel, my intuition said to me, “This weekend you will reclaim your magic.”

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“You will know exactly what it means by the end of the weekend,” my intuition replied.

It had been some time since my intuition communicated so clearly to me.

Curious, I tabled this idea for later and proceeded with the training weekend. While coaching a student in front of the class, my intuition spoke again and told me about her block. In coaching, we share intuitive ideas and let the client determine if it is valid.  I shared my intuitive insight with my student and she lit up with recognition.

“That’s it exactly” she said. This realization opened the door to a powerful shift in her beliefs about herself over the course of the weekend.

Intuitive “hits” continuously came to me throughout the training. My intuition was communicating full time and I was in the flow. I know this sensation well, and I realized how much I missed this powerful partnership.

Where had it gone?

Nowhere. It went nowhere. It was simply dormant, waiting for me to re-engage with it. When I re-engaged, my intuition responded just like a good friend and we picked up as if no time had passed. By the end of the weekend, I was deeply connected to my intuition. I reclaimed my magic.

This experience makes me wonder:

What if you trust that nothing is ever lost? What if you knew your talent or ability remained within you waiting to resurface? How would that change the way you look at and judge yourself?

Holding on and trusting when you feel lost helps you navigate life’s difficult moments with grace and ease. As the kitten in the poster says, “Hang in there, baby.”