I love to discuss expanding consciousness – it’s my jam. A lifetime of experiences has shown me that “There are more things in heaven and earth – – than are dreamt of in your philosophy”.

I have interacted with ghosts, nature spirits, and the dearly departed. I’ve had healers perform miracles on me. I’ve had prophetic dreams, as well as heard voices alert me to trouble. I’ve experienced the bliss of Oneness in powerful, random moments of Grace, all this because of my belief in the mystical unseen world.

Raised Catholic, I loved the stories about Guardian Angels assigned to protect every living soul. As a child, I spoke to my Guardian Angel and often heard her speak back. This provided comfort and support and as I grew I learned to tap into her energy.

Reality is influenced by what we believe. A belief creates a focus that is reinforced every time you think it because you subconsciously search for proof. Think of pink cars and suddenly they are everywhere.

I wonder about our current political crisis viewed through this perspective. I ask myself, what if there are unseen forces at work on our behalf, right now, unifying human consciousness towards Oneness? What if the current political dilemma is the impetus humanity needs to break through our collective shadow and shine a light on a higher consciousness?

Look at the record breaking numbers of us who have united, marched, protested and demanded change.

In these ongoing days of turmoil, remember to stop and step away from the chaos. Get present in the moment and be grateful for all you have. Practice extreme self-care.

Know each moment you shift from fear, you strengthen that action in the outside world.  You are living Gandhi’s words “to be the change you wish to see in this world”. As you hold your light and walk your talk, you demonstrate your commitment to something more powerful. Love. Love conquers all.