Spring is one time of year which brings up new beginnings and new growth. At the same time, it can be when we start to doubt our progress, unless we see evidence to the contrary.

You might be surprised at how many clients and students come to me struggling with this issue;  a need for the patience to trust their process. Especially now, given all that goes on in our world, there is a heightened sense of anxiety if you feel you lack a sense of direction or are not making forward progress.

A pretty common example comes from building a new business.  You’ve invested time and precious energy into market research, created a brand, developed marketing materials and told every person you can think of what you are doing.  Then, after a time, you sit and wonder where are all the clients?  Where are the results you envisioned from your efforts?

It doesn’t matter if it is a new business, new career, better health or a new relationship the process is the same.

  • You get clear and excited about your vision and the possibilities.
  • You put energy into creating the vision, you make plans and take the matching actions.
  • After that initial flurry of activity ceases and some time passes you look around at your results and are disappointed. You ask yourself, what went wrong?

The truth is nothing went wrong. Timing is an integral part of manifesting any vision and most likely your timetable does not match up with the timetable of the Universe.  Often, there are things going on behind the scenes you can’t see and you mistake that lack of visible activity as evidence that nothing is happening or that you’ve somehow failed.

Case in point.  You may know I have been struggling to regain my vibrant health.  For quite some time I have been doing everything I can think of to return to full health and end my chronic pain but nothing seemed to shift.  Prayers, eating well, supplements, exercise, visualization, healing, massage; you name it I have tried it.  I was discouraged for a time until I was struck by a metaphor from a hobby that brings me great joy — gardening.

I love to garden and every year I plant new bulbs in the Fall, knowing that I will get to enjoy their beauty the following Spring.  I take the action of planting the bulbs and wait because I trust the growing process.

I don’t go to the garden in mid-winter looking for new growth and panic because I can’t see any sign of it. I don’t dig up the bulb to make sure it is still there.  That would only slow or stop the process.

I simply, and happily, hold the vision of flowers in bloom while I wait.  And when the need arises, I clear away weeds and make sure there is enough water while nature does her part.

That is trusting the process.  Always do everything you can do to attain your goals and vision, then trust that the rest is unfolding in perfect order.  While you wait, continue to do the work that appears in front of you in alignment with your vision but do it without worry or fear.  Doubting and berating yourself during the waiting process can only cause unhappiness and more doubt.  Wouldn’t it be silly of me to stand in front of my garden in January shouting grow, whats the matter with you?  Doubting yourself at this stage is the same thing.

Robert Louis Stevenson said: “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

Hold your vision with faith, courage and love in your heart and then rejoice when the miracles occur.

I’m living proof.  After years of relentless struggle, my health is improving and my pain is lessening.  I can envision the day when it is no longer an issue in my life and it is coming closer every minute. Then, I  will be a manifestation of health in full bloom!