When I ask new students what has kept them from actively working with their intuition sooner, I often hear the same response.

“I can’t recognize the difference between the voice of my intuition and the voice of my fears or doubts.”

This is such a common challenge; how can you trust and follow your guidance when you are not sure what your guidance looks like or sounds like?

This is actually a valid concern.  However, there are too many compelling reasons to make the choice to connect to your internal guidance to allow that concern to hold you back.  Here are just a few, illustrating how your intuition can impact your income:

  • Increased confidence allowing you to make powerful business decisions without fear.
  • Opening you to receive inspired new business ideas to increase your income.
  • Effortless guidance to meet the people who can best help you achieve your goals and dreams, including  the ideal clients in need of the missing piece for their puzzle which only you hold.

While it may seem like learning a foreign language initially, putting the time and effort into recognizing the difference between the voice of your intuition and fear will change every aspect of your life!

Going through life without the use of your intuition is like throwing darts blindfolded  in the general direction of the board and hoping you land near your target.  Is that really how you want to direct your business, career and personal relationships?

So,  if you have been holding back from using your innate intuitive talents because you fear that you won’t be able to discern the voice of  true guidance from false, it is time to recognize that as the voice of fear, clamoring to keep the upper hand in your heart.

The time is now to empower yourself and partner with your intuition in a more conscious way… it is really much easier than your fear would have you believe. Try it and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.