Happy Spring.  

I see this time of year as a chance for renewal, rebirth and to begin again. Just as you weed and clear your flower beds in preparation for planting flowers, so should you weed any inner beliefs that are holding back your growth.  

In my experience, many of these negative energies have their basis in taking things personally rather than seeing them as learning experiences. When something bad happens, it is easy to feel like a victim, like this event was specifically aimed at you.  

What if that belief is false? What if you could see your experiences from a more detached perspective?  

When I was diagnosed with cancer, my first response was to take it personally. After all, it was my body that was ill and needed treatments I found terrifying. What can be more personal than that? I was angry and overwhelmed.   

Over time, that perspective changed as I discerned a deeper meaning to this experience of illness. I asked myself, what is this teaching me on a spiritual level? How can I shift my perspective from victim to feeling empowered? What would change if I no longer felt this was a punishment but an opportunity?

What I learned was this illness was a perfect chance to be more loving and compassionate towards myself. I channeled that fear into grace towards myself in a deeper way than ever before in my life. The results, over time, is I truly love and value all aspects of who I am, the good, the bad and the in between. I am more forgiving, accepting and able to see my life experiences symbolically.    

Now, when the unexpected occurs, I no longer judge the experience or take it personally for long. I look at it with discernment asking what is going on here at a deeper level? What can I learn from this event? How can I approach it from a more empowered perspective?  

It may take time to figure out the answers but as I ponder them, I am removed from believing this is an event aimed personally at me. There is an incredible freedom in not taking life too personally and I encourage you to give it a try.   

Start by looking at any events you are taking personally and consider the following questions:   

What if this is happening for me versus to me?

How can I begin to release my judgement of this experience?

If I view the situation with detachment, what comes up for me?

What is this teaching me about myself?

This is more challenging with some experiences than others but it can be done. The more you practice stepping away from taking it personally, the more empowered you will feel.   

Please try it out for yourself and you will see.