It is amazing how easily intuition can guide you through every day decisions.  Whether it is something small like, what to wear today or something larger like how to heal yourself, intuition is right there ready, willing and able to assist!

However,  if you are not used to tapping that inner wisdom in any sort of ongoing way, you’ll find it much harder to hear or trust the messages it sends if you reach out when you are in crisis mode, desperately seeking guidance!

It really no different than if you turned your back on a good friend and ignored them until you were in crisis.  Would you be surprised if they didn’t exactly swoop in like Superman to save the day?   Your intuition works the same way.  You need to build and sustain a relationship with it in order to expect to access reliable guidance under stressful conditions.

This is why many times people will seek intuitive guidance from others during times of duress, because they feel unable to connect to their own higher knowledge.  Asking another for their intuitive read can be helpful but imagine how much more powerful it would be if served to reinforce the guidance you were already getting from your own intuition!

The truth is this; the times we are living in demand more from us.  Knowing how to go inward for balance, direction, clarity and guidance is more important now than it has ever been.  The outer world is full of conflicting advice and counsel. Learning to trust your heart and inner wisdom to guide you through what is an otherwise confusing menu of options, has become a crucial skill.

So how do you begin to develop this skill?  You must start by being open and willing to develop an inner relationship with your intuition.  You need to practice stillness or centering to clear your mind. You must also know how your intuition communicates with you.

Intuitive information comes through as either visual, auditory, a physical body sensation or just a knowing. These styles are called clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentient or claircognizance. While you have access to all these modes of communication, one will be stronger then the others. Recognizing your personal style will help you know when your intuition has come calling.

Take a playful attitude towards developing your intuition by asking it simple questions and see what you get. Ask easy questions like which elevator will come first, what color shirt will my coworker have on, or how many pieces of mail is in the mailbox.

When you are correct, celebrate! Notice how you got the information. If you are wrong, so what it is only a game. Keep playing, keep track of your successful hits and over time your intuition will become the ally you need in these turbulent times.