Why I Do What I Do

Has anyone ever referred to you as a perfectionist?

Me too. There was a time when I considered it a compliment until it dawned on me what it was costing me.perfectionist

Trying to be all things to all people; to put everyone else’s needs ahead of my own, and to try and get it all done without asking for any help was erosive to my health, my marriage, my spirit and my career.

I had to make a conscious decision to put a stop to the thrashing I was getting from the running monologue of my inner critic about what I’d done less than perfectly, what I was lacking and how, no matter how hard I tried, I simply was just not good enough.

If you want to break the cycle of holding yourself to impossibly high standards that are perpetually out of reach, I would be happy to lead you there.

Why I Became a Coach

I became a certified coach in 2006 after 20 plus years as a corporate executive in HR where I appeared quite successful to the outside world. Despite that success, I struggled to maintain a sense of fulfillment and joy. When I learned to quiet the voice of my inner critic, I was surprised how clearly I could hear the truths my Intuition had been quietly and persistently whispering all along. I began to experience true joy – the kind I remember feeling as a child, playing in the grass on a warm, breezy day. My connection to my deepest self expanded along with my Intuition and my understanding of what was possible for me. I soon realized that I derive the greatest sense of satisfaction and reward when I am helping others rediscover joy and shift out of conflict and stress into more confidence and a greater sense of inner strength, peace and contentment. Personal development is an amazing and powerful partnership and one I consider a sacred trust. Spiritual growth goes hand in hand with it all.

How I Coach

As a lifelong intuitive and Shamanic practitioner, I have the combination of gifts and skills that allow me to quickly see where your energy is blocked and what is holding you back from both achieving your goals and deriving satisfaction from them. I don’t do that for my clients, I do it with them. You will get the coaching and support you need from me to identify what matters most to you and together we will create a plan of action to bring those things into your life…a plan that suits your style.

What You Can Accomplish Through Coaching

Whether it is letting go of perfectionism, managing stress, improving your health, growing your business, transitioning into a new job, starting or mending a relationship or just finding a way to experience more of the fun and enjoyment of life, you will shift quickly, achieve your goals and learn new tools for continued growth for as long as you choose to use them. Developing and strengthening a relationship with your Intuition is a core component of my coaching method. It is your personal GPS and will be with you long after we have parted. Having a working relationship with your Intuition is easier than you may think. With the simple skills I’ll show you, you’ll see your intuitive abilities increase right away. No kidding!

My Work with Other Coaches

I am proud to be a Master Trainer for iPEC’s intensive ICF accredited program, teaching students to become certified coaches. Additionally, I provide private mentoring to coaches who want to improve their coaching abilities and expand their practice or who require it to acquire additional credentials via ICF.

I invite you to email me at tara@tararoth.com if you would like to learn more about how I might be of service to you on your life path.

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