Chakra Audio Series

THE CHAKRA SYSTEM SERIES: a consciousness shifting 10 week audio journey through your energy system.

The idea for this audio series started as the result of a comment to a blog post designed to help you navigate the holiday season with less stress. It came from a woman who expressed gratitude for the helpful reminders and said,

“If I could only package you in my brain and have you whisper regular reminders to me about how to use my energy, it would be incredibly helpful.”

Because of that comment, I realized I could actually do that by with a series of audio recordings!

Imagine the value of having someone in your corner at all times with

  • Weekly reminders on how to manage your energy field
  • Teaching you how to remain calm and stay centered in the most difficult situations or encounters with difficult people
  • Having these reminders available to you 24/7 to use and re-use as often as you wish
  • A simple system to empower you so maintaining your energetic balance becomes second nature.

I get VERY excited when I picture the impact that something like this can have on your life!

This POWERFUL CHAKRA AUDIO SYSTEM takes you through your entire chakra system, one zone at a time.

Each audio includes three main components:

  • Information about the role that the featured chakra plays within your energy system – how it functions and the impact it exerts on you and your energy when it is out of balance
  • A guided visualization to clear the featured zone
  • A coaching challenge to help you integrate everything you learn and experience in the audio.

There are 10 audio recordings in the series (average time 14 minutes).  In addition to the seven audio’s that correspond with each of your seven energy centers, you will learn three powerful energetic techniques:

  • Healing chakras
  • Clearing chakras
  • Cutting cords

These three techniques will become your constant companions.  In time, you will learn to reach for them automatically, giving you the ability to steer clear of emotional entanglements with ease.

Here’s how it works:

When you choose to invest in this audio series, you will receive one audio each week for 10 weeks (unless you prefer to receive them all at once).  They will come to you via email.  You’ll simply click on a link in the email to download the audio and listen on your iPod or at your computer.

Here’s exactly what you’ll receive:

Week 1: Clearing Your Chakras

This audio gives you an overview that helps you clear all your chakras for balance, harmony and health.

Week 2:  Your 1st or Root Chakra

Learn about your root chakra, grounding and how it is the foundation your energy field is built on.

Week 3:  Your 2nd or Sacral Chakra

Having trouble manifesting? Did you know that blocks in your second chakra will do that? Time to get clear.

Week 4:  Your 3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra

Your sense of personal power is located right here along with your intuitive ability to be clairsentient, which is clear feeling.

Week 5:  Your 4th or Heart Chakra

The ability to love unconditionally as well as step into non-ordinary reality is ruled by your heart chakra.

Week 6:  Cutting Cords

Clearing cords that are in your energy field are an important part of your energy routine.

Week 7:  Your 5th or Throat and Ear Chakras

This chakra governs your able to communicate- to be heard and to hear others. Clearing your ear chakras opens you to intuitive communication.

Week 8:  Your 6th or 3rd Eye Chakra

This chakra is control central- it helps balance the energy of both sides of your brain and gives you clarity as well as the ability to open your clairvoyant vision.

Week 9:  Your 7th or Crown Chakra

This chakra connects you to your divinity and deepens your spiritual connection. It is where the intuitive skill called claircognizance or clear knowing resides.

Week 10:  Chakra Healing Techniques

Learn different modalities and techniques to heal your chakras as well as connect to the Archangels.

Plus this Bonus:  You’ll also receive a full transcript of every recording!

I’m so thrilled to have created these audios and be offering them to you at such a pivotal time!  They are the perfect tool to help you manage your energy field and build a strong foundation to build on the momentum of the global energy shifts taking place right now!

The more familiar you become with your chakra system and your energy field the easier it will become for you to recognize an imbalance to correct it.

I felt driven to do offer this series in a way that is very affordable, so no one need be left behind. So I created 3 ways for you to utilize this information.

First, you can choose to only receive the full course transcript. This is your most affordable option at $30.

Second, you can choose to receive all 10 audios plus the transcript. This gives you the best of both worlds for only $60.

Finally, you can choose all 10 audios and the transcript as well as a free laser coaching session with me. This personal option will help you integrate all the learning and it is yours for only $85.

This is an amazing deal because one laser session of coaching with me costs much more than that.

So whichever option you choose know you are investing in your energetic and physical health.
What could be more important?

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